Saturday, May 22, 2010

Surname Saturday - Loder

Rosehill Cemetery in Waverly, Nebraska was where I was taking headstone photographs last weekend, focusing on members of the Loder family. At the time, I wasn't sure how they all fit into my tree, but this morning's research on resulted in quite a few connections. I am not a direct descendant of the Loder family, as I am related primarily via Henrietta Loder Beale, who was first cousin of my grandmother, Sina Harriet Bellinger Kelly. Since Sina's children did not have an aunt, Henrietta said, "Well, then, I'll be your Aunt Etty." And so she was to so many of us - a dear and beloved family member.

I had previously written about the Loder family of Waverly, Nebraska on this blog back in December, 2009. My cemetery outing and today's online research has added even more members to this family.

The family of William Loder and Margaret Maston Loder of Waverly, Nebraska

According to, the Loder name comes from the English lode, meaning to load, or a derivative meaning path or road. In German, the meaning is either a weaver of woolen cloth or a nickname for a good-for-nothing. Take your pick! Many of the Loders in my research were pioneers and the most common word in their obituaries is "prominent," so I'd say that the good-for-nothing definition doesn't apply here, at least for now.

There was a large distribution of Loders in England and Wales in the 19th century. Top place of origin for Loder immigrants was Germany and England, with a few from Sweden, Bavaria, Switzerland and France.

This Loder family has pioneer roots in Lancaster county, Nebraska and many of the descendants remain in the area today.

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