Friday, May 14, 2010

Follow Friday: The Graveyards of Omaha

I'd like to take this opportunity to recommend a very interesting and comprehensive web site, The Graveyards of Omaha, which is the creation of Marta Dawes. Marta's dedication to documenting Omaha's first cemetery is evidenced by more than 5,800 photos she has taken at Prospect Hill Cemetery. Prospect Hill allows no new burials.

Marta's husband, Steve Dawes, and I became online buddies several years ago as part of a discussion forum. I felt I got acquainted with the couple just by browsing through Marta's graveyard site and the television and movie section of their site About five years ago, I was in Omaha for the Paul McCartney concert and about to have dinner at one of the downtown hotels near the arena. I'd just been seated and in walked Steve and Marta! We had never met in person, but I recognized them from the photos on their web site. "Hey Steve!" I said, and he immediately knew who I was, too. They were also going to the concert. We shared a nice conversation over dinner and it was as though I'd known them all along.

I hope you'll find Marta's Graveyards of Omaha as fascinating as I do.

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