Friday, May 21, 2010

Follow Friday: Dae Powell's ShoeString Genealogy

Today, I'd like to share a great site that is managed by Dae Powell, known to many on the Genealogywise site and chat forum:

The site's mission statement:

ShoeString Genealogy
 provides Family Historians with information about how to research their ancestors both on the Internet and in libraries and other repositories. Besides how, we will show you where—locations for information and the relative value of each.
Here you will find useful, 
free Genealogy Charts and some free Genealogy Forms. And there are free Presentations on Genealogy Topics; Tips and Techniques; new Developments and Resources; and diversions such as Trivia Quizzes and Crossword Puzzles.
ShoeString Genealogy
 focuses on lowering the costs of research whilst raising the quality of information obtained. Although not all online resources are free, many are. Same for many repositories. We'll show you an abundance of excellent resources that are quite inexpensive, too.

Be sure to check out - you'll be glad you did!

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