Friday, April 30, 2010

J Sterling Morton - contributions to family history

Many of us in Nebraska still observe the original Arbor Day (and Earth Day) on April 22, the birthday of J. Sterling Morton, the founder of the holiday. Officially, the holiday is being observed in Nebraska today.

J. Sterling Morton also left some wonderful resources for genealogists with ancestors in Nebraska. There were several editions of his Illustrated History of Nebraska, in which he collaborated with Albert Watkins. These editions include a wealth of biographies of early Nebraska pioneer families.

It was in one of these books that I first discovered my great-great-great grandfather and the county of origin of my Kelly ancestors in Ireland.

If you have some 19th century Nebraska ancestors, you may find some great information in one of these books. Even better, they are available on Google books!

Illustrated History of Nebraska - 1913

History of Nebraska - 1918

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