Saturday, January 16, 2010

What's in a name?

Something that makes locating long lost relatives a challenge are various spellings of names. It was just last summer that I found my first reference to my great, great, great grandfather who was born in Kilkenny, Ireland. It was a biography of my great great grandfather, William D. Kelly, that was published in a 1905 collection of local biographical profiles. It said his father was Keron Kelly. Right now, I do not know if this was the correct spelling of his name or not.

Two of Keron's great grandchildren may have been named after him. One was William Kieran Langdon, son of Margaret Kelly and Michael Langdon. I've also seen his middle name spelled Keiran.

The other great grandchild was the son of John Kelly and Eunice Derieg. His name has been spelled Kiron, Kiran and even Karen!

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