Monday, January 18, 2010

The more things change, the more they stay the same

In current times, many of us are concerned about the distractions while driving - cell phones, people reading and sending text messages. Our ancestors lives were not without issues in their day:


Two Narrow Escapes Recently – Horses Left Unhitched

The number of runaways occurring in St. Paul is arousing the attention of the officials of the city, and measures are being discussed to reach negligent drivers who leave their horses unhitched on the public thoroughfares. Almost daily a runaway occurs through carelessly leaving an animal standing without check-rain or hitching weight. That more serious results have not followed seems providential. Friday afternoon a horse and wagon belonging to Dayfield Bros., dashed down Third street, near Franklin, colliding with a buggy in which were Patrick Collins and his three little grandchildren, daughters of Daniel Kelly of the Valley house. The buggy was overturned and the occupants thrown to the pavement, all being more or less bruised and one of the little ones being badly hurt on the head and arm. Mr. Collins received an injury to his side which may yet result fatally, as he is over 70 years of age and the hurt is feared to be internal. The skin and flesh is lacerated and torn from his forehead and he is severely bruised.

St Paul Daily Globe
St Paul, MN
March 28, 1886

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